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How do I add a BrokerCheck button?
How do I add a BrokerCheck button?
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Step 1. Log into your Twenty Over Ten account

Step 2. Click the Site Settings button

Once you’re logged in, click the Site Settings button in the lower left of the account dashboard.


Step 3. Open the Integrations Panel

Click the Integrations panel to open the integrations window.


Step 4. Click “Setup” beside the FINRA BrokerCheck integration

Hover your mouse over the FINRA BrokerCheck integration option and then click the “Setup” button to open up the BrokerCheck button set up and options window.


Step 5. Set up your BrokerCheck button

Click to toggle the “Display BrokerCheck?” button to “Yes.”


Enter your CRD# and identify if your BrokerCheck profile is for a firm or individual. Click “save.”


Set your desired display and style options.


Step 6. Close and publish

Click the close button to finalize your BrokerCheck button setup. Then, publish these changes to your live website.

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