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How do I create pop-ups for my Calendly scheduler?
How do I create pop-ups for my Calendly scheduler?
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Step 1

Grab your Calendly event links from your Calendly account. Calendly has a step-by-step tutorial for locating your event links on their support page here.

Step 2

Log into your Twenty Over Ten account.

Step 3

Add your Calendly event links to your site. We have a tutorial for adding links and styling links as buttons here.

Step 4

Go into “Site Settings”


Step 5

Click on the “Integrations” tab.


Step 6

Hover over the Calendly section and click on the “Setup” button.


Step 7

Click the “Enable Pop-up” button in the top right so that it reads “YES.” Close the overlay window.


The Calendly pop-up cannot be previewed on your staging site, so you will need to publish your site and access your live URL to view the pop-up in action. Just click the Calendly links you entered in Step 1 and admire your new scheduler pop-up!

In the future, if you no longer want your Calendly links to appear as pop-ups on your site, you can come back to the integrations tab, access your Calendly settings, and toggle the integration to “NO.”

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