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Integrating Lead Pilot Content with Your Twenty Over Ten Website
Integrating Lead Pilot Content with Your Twenty Over Ten Website
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If you're utilizing the RSS Feed option to share your Lead Pilot content on your Twenty Over Ten website, you might be curious about how these posts will interact with your existing blog content. Lead Pilot and regular blog posts, whether from Content Assist or your original posts, are both powerful tools that can complement each other to provide visitors with a consistent stream of valuable and educational information. This article aims to address common questions and provide guidance on integrating Lead Pilot content with your existing blog.

Can I Automatically Post Lead Pilot Articles on My Existing Blog Page?

No, it's not possible to have Lead Pilot articles automatically appear alongside your current posts on your existing blog page. If you add an RSS feed URL to your blog page, the RSS content will replace your existing posts. While you can still view and manage your previous blog posts in the Twenty Over Ten dashboard, they won't be accessible to your website visitors.

Recommended Setup for Your Lead Pilot RSS Feed:

To ensure seamless integration, it is recommended to create a new blog-type page using your website dashboard and prominently link to this page on your website. A popular approach is to add it to your Main Navigation menu, providing visitors with easy access to your Lead Pilot content.

Adding Lead Pilot Posts Manually to Your Existing Blog Page:

If maintaining a single blog page is a priority, you can manually add Lead Pilot posts to your blog page using the "External URL" feature. Follow these steps:

  1. Obtain the shareable URL of the Lead Pilot post you wish to share.

  2. Create a new blog post on your page.

  3. Paste the URL into the "External URL" field within the blog post settings.

  4. Ensure you provide a title, a featured image, and an excerpt before publishing the post. You can extract this information directly from the Lead Pilot post.

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