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How Do I Drive Leads From My Website to My Lead Pilot Pages?
How Do I Drive Leads From My Website to My Lead Pilot Pages?
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If you use Lead Pilot to capture potential leads, it's highly likely that many of those leads come from social media postings. However, you may be wondering how you can further leverage your Twenty Over Ten website to drive even more traffic to your Lead Pilot landing pages.


Can I direct traffic to my Lead Pilot landing pages from my website?

Absolutely! Your visually appealing website is already making a positive impression on your current clients. But what about the prospective clients who visit your website every day? It's as simple as adding a link to your website to drive them to your Lead Pilot pages.

How do I capture a prospect's attention?

You can incorporate a straightforward link leading to your Lead Pilot pages on your website. However, for maximum impact in capturing a prospect's attention, it's recommended to transform that link into a button. Adding a button to your website is an easy process and a best practice for attracting prospects.

Where should I place this on my website?

Prospective clients tend to spend only a short amount of time on a website. Therefore, it's advisable to place these links and buttons in prominent locations. Two popular options include incorporating them into your main navigation or featuring them on your Home page, where prospects can easily spot them before scrolling down.

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