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How to Request Google to Re-crawl My Website
How to Request Google to Re-crawl My Website
Updated over a week ago

Step 1 – Log in to Webmaster Tools


Step 2 – Add Your Website

If you haven’t already, add and verify the site with the “Add a Property” button.


Step 3 – Enter Site Name

Enter the site name for the one you want to manage.


Step 4 – Crawl and Fetch

Click Crawl from the sidebar menu and then click Fetch as Google.


Step 5 – Fetch

Click Fetch to start the process of re-crawling your website.


Optional: if you want to do a specific page only, type in the URL slug for that page

Step 6 – Submit

Click Submit to Index, and then select either URL or URL and its direct links. Click OK, and you’re done!

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