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Integrating NestEgg Guru Into Your Website
Integrating NestEgg Guru Into Your Website
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Nest Egg Guru is a compliance-friendly, web-based application for helping independent financial advisors stress test their clients’ retirement savings and spending strategies. The application is intended to be incorporated into the advisor’s website so as to be accessible for clients and prospects to use without a login ID or password.

Nest Egg Guru subscriptions also include a lead generation functionality that enables the advisor to capture the names and email addresses of site visitors who run either of the two calculators. This functionality may be turned on or off by the advisors at any time

What the Advisor Needs to Provide to the Website Designer

When a financial advisor subscribes to Nest Egg Guru, they are provided with two ways to use the calculators.

The first is as a white-labeled Nest Egg Guru subdomain, such as the following:

The second way an advisor can deploy Nest Egg Guru is to embed the calculators directly into his/her professional website. To do this, the advisor simply needs to copy the embed code we provide with his/her account and deliver it to the website designer, along with instructions on how and where the applications should be presented on the advisor’s website.

The following is an example of the code we provide:

<!– Savings Calculator –>

<iframe src=”” width=”420″ height=”100%” frameborder=”1″></iframe>

<!– Spending Calculator –>

<iframe src=”” width=”420″ height=”100%” frameborder=”1″></iframe>

Nest Egg Guru’s Retirement Savings and Spending Strategies may be embedded side-by-side on a single web page or individually on separate web pages.

The links below are examples of how Nest Egg Guru’s Savings and Spending Calculators may look when embedded as separate pages on an advisor’s website:

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