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How can I see my website’s analytics?
How can I see my website’s analytics?
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Twenty Over Ten uses Google Analytics to track data because it offers the most comprehensive reporting, with over 10,000 metrics reported. Our integration with Google Analytics is easy to set up, and below are some tips on ensuring you’re getting the most out of your site’s analytics.

How to See If Your Site Is Already Being Tracked

Step 1

Log in to your Twenty Over Ten account and click Site Settings at the bottom of the page.

Step 2

Select Integrations from the menu.

Step 3

Hover over Google Analytics.

If a “Setup” button appears, your site is not being tracked, and you’ll need to set up the integration starting with these steps.

If a “Manage” button appears, click it to confirm the Google tracking ID matches the one in your Google Analytics account.


Site’s Being Tracked? Great! Here’s How to Log in to Google Analytics and See Your Data

Step 1

Step 2

Log in using your Google username and password.

Step 3

Navigate using the “Reports” tabs in Google Analytics.


Step 4

Don’t go it alone! Leverage our blog on Key Performance Indicators and our article and video Back To Basics: Google Analytics For Financial Advisors:


  1. Total visitors per month to your site

  2. Number of pages a user will visit per session

  3. Three most visited pages on your website

  4. Bounce rate

  5. Conversion rates


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