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How do I allow/disallow social sharing for viewers?
How do I allow/disallow social sharing for viewers?
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Log into your Twenty Over Ten account.

To control social sharing for your blog posts, you need to first access the Page Settings window. Hover over the page that contains your blog. Two icons will appear, a capital ‘A’ and a gear. Click on the gear.


The Page Settings window will appear. Scroll down until you see Post Sharing. To control what social platforms your blog posts can be shared on, click the toggle for each social media account to the desired setting.

Important: This action will eliminate the ‘share to’ buttons that appear on your blog posts, which allow users to easily share your content across their own social media channels. This will not disallow a user from copying and pasting your blog post URL and sharing it through their social media accounts.


Once you are finished changing the Post Sharing options, click Save.

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