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How do I integrate my emX (eMoney) login?
How do I integrate my emX (eMoney) login?
Updated over a week ago

Step 1

From the homepage, click “account login” from the top right or access our login page directly here.


Step 2

On the left of your dashboard, you will see your main navigation with all your pages and subpages listed below and nested appropriately. Click ‘add new’ to add a page with the desired functionality (standard page, blog page, team member page, external link).


Step 3

Select ‘link’ from the drop-down.


Step 4

Add the link title (for example, “Client Login”) and link URL (the URL to your emX portal) in the Link Settings overlay.


Step 5

Click ‘Create Link.’


eMoney’s dedicated Client Engagement Team is staffed with experts and certified professionals whose goal is to ensure that you get the most out of your eMoney experience. Additional support for emX can be found at

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