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How do I add or edit team members on my website?
How do I add or edit team members on my website?
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Log into your Twenty Over Ten account.

Step 1

Hover over any team page and click on the ‘manage team members’ icon.


Step 2

In your “manage members” list, click on the “add new member” button to add a member or simply click on a member to edit that member's details. Additionally, if you want to edit an existing team member profile, simply click on that member in the team member list below.


Step 3

Add or change the name, title, and biography of a new or current member.


Step 4

Add or change a photo and (if desired) a hover photo of a new member or current.

Note: A hover photo will only display when a user’s mouse is over that photo on the live website.


Step 5

Click the “save member” button to save your edits on an existing member or to create a new member.

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