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How Do I Add New Pages and/or Subpages?
How Do I Add New Pages and/or Subpages?
Updated over a week ago

Log into your Twenty Over Ten account.

Step 1

On the left of your dashboard, you will see your main navigation with all your pages and subpages listed below and nested appropriately. Click ‘add new’ to add a page with the desired functionality (standard page, blog page, team member page, external link).


Step 2

Add the appropriate information in the overlay, including a page title. Then click “create page.”


Step 3

Your new page will appear in the list below. To rearrange your pages, click on the page (on the 3 vertical dots to the left of the page title) and drag the page to its desired location.

Note: To make any page a subpage, simply drag that page slightly to the right. Nested subpages are indented in your page list.

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