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BCC Email Option - Archival Option
BCC Email Option - Archival Option

This article explains the purpose of the BCC email options for Lead Pilot account holders.

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Lead Pilot includes a blind carbon copy (BCC) email option for archiving besides the PDF compliance found under Archives. The BCC field is found within the email settings page. Once setup, the BCC address will receive a copy also. This only applies if client would like to have newsletters sent to it for archiving purposes.

Each archived landing page or email sent from Lead Pilot contains the content and recipient list. The BCC is there in case a 1:1 copy of every single message is needed or if the client would need to have the email sends go through the client's compliance’s email servers.

Since Lead Pilot uses SendGrid, client's emails are going through SendGrid's servers, not a broker dealer's or anyone else’s. Replies will go through the email server’s that the clients' email address is on, but not the sends'. The BCC is how to have sends go through email servers other than SendGrid's email server.

Want a website that has compliance built-in? A Twenty Over Ten website provides a built-in FINRA and SEC-approved archiving and approval process for websites built on our platform. Need additional compliance? Our Providence platform includes other advanced compliance features.

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