Verifying Email Addresses

Having multiple emails with the same domain

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Let's say your firm has 5 users on Lead Pilot, and they all want to be able to send newsletters from their individual email addresses. In order to do so, the following steps would need to be followed:

  1. You'll first need to authenticate the domain name for your email addresses (for instance, our domain is Click below for how to do that.

  2. You'll then need to have the CNAME records provided shared with your DNS host. If you have an IT department, this is their time to shine. All they need to do is set this up once for everyone to use their emails. Click below for instructions.

  3. Once that's completed, people from your company can log into their Lead Pilot accounts and repeat step 1 (authenticating the domain).

  4. Next, they can scroll down in their settings to enter the email address they want newsletters to appear.

  5. A verification email will be sent to the address that was entered.

  6. Log into your email and click the link. If you aren't seeing the email, check your junk folder or click resend.

  7. Success

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