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Including links to assist with SEO ranking

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Simply put, Google likes pages that have many valuable links, as those pass their value on to visitors and searchers. Ultimately, when this happens, your rankings will increase. When it comes to your landing page content, there are two types of linking you can control: 

  1. Internal Linking: This linking to related content you’ve produced not only helps Google understand your site structure but it also helps promote one or more related posts you’ve written, as well as creating even more internal link juice. Linking to related posts also keeps visitors on your domain as they browse through other articles and content you’ve created. Get our full guide on internal linking best practices here.

  2. External linking are links that point to a domain other than your own (i.e. you link out to another website). These kinds of links share ranking power differently than internal links, as search engines consider them like third-party “votes.” When choosing where to externally link, keep in mind the website’s trustworthiness, popularity, and relevancy to the topic at hand.

Here’s how to add links within your Lead Pilot content: 

In addition, we also have guides on adding links to your landing page template's logo and featured sidebar!

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