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Using header tags strategically for SEO

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Titles aren't the only thing that factor into SEO rankings. Header tags are also important and can also contribute to where your content appears in search results. This Guide on How Header Tags work  delves into much more detail, but you basically want to follow the same advice used for titles, using keywords that are optimized for local and relevant searches.

Here's how to update your header tags within Lead Pilot:

1. While editing a draft, scroll down and type your header tags into the "Categories, Topics, etc..." field and separate them with commas:

In the above example, the header tags used are "Entertainment Industry," "Freelance Economy" and "Los Angeles." This is because the target audience often refers to themselves as freelancers and work in a specific industry in a specific location.

2. Scroll down and edit headers to be consistent with your title and other tags:

In the above example, I changed "Self-Employed Individuals" to "Freelancers."

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