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What does Lead Pilot archive?
What does Lead Pilot archive?
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All landing pages and social content deployed through Lead Pilot will be archived to meet FINRA requirements. They will be WORM (write once read many) compliant and kept for a minimum of 7 years.

All social shares will include landing page content, as well as language affiliated with the landing page (form language, footer info, etc). The social share content also includes social network customizations you've made within Lead Pilot (e.g. adding a message to your Facebook post, changing the Twitter preview image, etc).

When a global change is made to your landing page template, it will not affect archives of previously shared landing pages, only future landing pages.

Emails, as well as content changed or posted within your social networks, will not be archived by Lead Pilot.

For example, if you are logged into your LinkedIn account and share content directly through LinkedIn, Lead Pilot will not archive that content. If you are logged into your Facebook Page and comment on a post, Lead Pilot will not archive that comment. If on Lead Pilot you send a landing page to your email subscribers, we will archive the landing page but not your email. 

Resources on FINRA guidance can be found in this help article

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