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How to time, reschedule, and delete scheduled posts

Updated over a week ago

After creating your content, you have the option to schedule your post to be sent at another time. To schedule your post, please follow these instructions:

 1. At the top right of the "Edit Draft" side window, click the "Share" button.  A "Share       Settings" window will take its place:

    2. "Connect" to your destination(s) by clicking the button or toggle to the right of               the social network(s) you want to use.

    3. Enter your social network login information in the window that pops up. This will            link your account to Lead Pilot and let you post from our platform.  

    4. At the bottom of the side window, select  "Schedule for Later." This will open a              calendar where you can select the date your content will be posted at:

    4. Click the "Schedule" button at the top right of the side window. You'll then get            this confirmation:


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