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Existing Editorial Content

Creating a draft from existing editorial content

Updated over a week ago

To customize an existing post from our "Explore Content Library," please start by watching this video or by following the instructions below:

1. Click "Content" at the top of your screen. 

2. This will automatically open the "Explore Content Library"

3. To find content related to specific categories or personas, scroll right and click "Filter Content": 

4. Select the categories you'd like to filter for. Click "Clear All Filters" to start over:

5. You also have the option to filter by personas:

6. You can also search for content by typing into the "Search for Content..." box:

7. Click on the content you'd like to post. This will open a side window on the right:

To Share Content AS-IS

8a. If you're ready to share the content as-is, please read the "Share Content" article.

To Customize Content Before Sharing

8b. To customize your content before sharing, first click the "Create Draft" button: 

9. You can now click and type within the "Create Draft" side window to make and save changes just like you would if you were creating original content:

Want to Preview the Changes? Find out!

Ready to share instead? Read on!

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