Common words and phrases you'll see in Lead Pilot

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Activity Feed

This shows your posting history, new subscribers, and contacts whose LEAD scores have jumped above 80.


You may hear Lead Pilot referred to as the "app" in our emails or on the site. Just consider it a synonym for the platform!


A campaign is an automated way to set up a drip marketing strategy that can be scheduled to go out at a frequency of your choosing. For example, a campaign might send out content weekly or every two weeks.

CNAME Record

These records, when shared with your DNS host, help Lead Pilot send emails to your subscribed contacts' inboxes and not their spam folders.


A person whose name, email address, and other information is saved in Lead Pilot. Contacts are people who have filled out subscribe forms from your landing pages or who were added to Lead Pilot by you.


When it comes down to it, content is any editorial, infographic, video, or interactive content that appears on a landing page. Content can be found in our library and customized, or it can be composed entirely by you!

Curated Campaign

Lead Pilot has created pre-made Campaigns for your target market. You can make edits and swap content to make it your own.

Custom Campaign

Build your Campaign from the ground up by selecting from our library and your drafts to create an original Campaign.

Custom Content

A content piece where you add your own featured image and content.

Custom Email

An email where you add custom content. For example, uploading an image, adding copy, and adding hyperlinks.

Custom Landing Page

This is the shell that lives around the content you share. Lead Pilot allows you to change the style and colors to match the branding of your website or other online resources.


The dashboard is home to Lead Pilot's analytics, allowing you to chart opens, clicks, and subscribers, as well as better assess your social strategy.

DNS Host

Typically the company you registered your domain with, the DNS host manages records and files related to your domain name.


This is the address to your website and will often be the second part of your email. For instance, Lead Pilot's domain is leadpilot.io.


Content that can be edited but has yet to be posted is considered a draft.


Public interaction with your content through opens and clicks is considered engagement.


These are the mini-bios that can be viewed on a contact's profile.


Connect and manage your third-party tools with Lead Pilot. Currently, we integrate with Wealthbox CRM, Redtail CRM, and Riskalyze.

Landing Page

This is a unique marketing webpage featuring your customized content and subscribe form. Landing Pages can also link back to your website!


Any contact who is not yet a client is considered a lead.

LEAD Score

This rates how likely a contact is to convert and fluctuates based on their engagement with your content, as well as your personal rating of them.

Plain Text Email

An email option for you to send an email with only plain text.


Profiles are where your contacts' information and Insights are located.

RSS Feed

this auto feeds content you through to share through Lead Pilot to a page on your website.

Social Network

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the social networks we refer to in Lead Pilot. Instagram and other networks may be added in the future.


A contact who is subscribed in Lead Pilot will receive your emailed landing pages.


Lead Pilot users have 2 templates to customize: The basic style and content of their emails, and the basic style and content of their landing pages.


URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. A URL is nothing more than the address of a given unique resource on the Web. In theory, each valid URL points to a unique resource. Such resources can be an HTML page, a CSS document, an image, etc.

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